Corporate Training and Courses

Corporate Courses & Tailored Training Services

Mayfair Consultants provide consultancy and support for businesses, organizations and schools globally, tailored to your specific requirements. We offer workshops and language training aimed at enhancing the skills, direction and motivation of the workplace so that goals are effectively realized.

Learning a foreign language is important in today’s world, and future success in the global economy is dependent on encouraging language training. This not only allows for dialogue in another’s tongue but also gives an insight into foreign cultures. We provide the resources and expert tuition at your workplace or online, aimed towards adult advanced learners.

Language Training and tailored language courses

Our consultants are highly qualified academics within their area of expertise and we develop a personal relationship with each customer so we come to fully understand their needs. Considerable time and energy is invested into the creation of lessons that are tailored to meet individual needs. For more information contact

Advanced Skills 

We also offer unique half-day workshops at your workplace aimed at enhancing workplace skills, with a strong emphasis on the academic literature and current publications within the field. A course pack is provided for each pupil on the day. These workshops demonstrate easily attainable transferable skills and are based around 5 main themes:

  • Reading and Writing at Work
  • Presentation & Public Speaking
  • Confidence, Motivation & Memory
  • Career & Management Skills
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Business Services

Small businesses often do not have the expertise to meet their specific needs and we are here to out source this for them.

We work closely with our clients and are happy to take on both short term and long term projects, offering assistance with the following additional services through our network of qualified professionals:

  • Editing and Proof-reading
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Academic & Educational Consultancy