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Why private tuition is important and what types of family it benefits in London.


Relocating to a new city can be a daunting prospect, particularly when caring for a young family and being responsible for their education, life experiences and opportunities. Indeed, parents may not have a clear picture of the educational choices available to them and their children in this new environment. This is perhaps particularly true in London, a sprawling, educationally rich and historic city with seemingly limitless choices and opportunities to learn just about anything.

Impartial information and local knowledge are essential in order to make decisions that will influence the success of the next generation. For parents who are new to the UK, private tutoring agencies can draw on years of experience and successful relationships between educational and extracurricular institutions to provide invaluable insight into the educational landscape of London.

Private tuition plays a pivotal role in the educational development of an increasing number of children in the UK. Over the decades it has evolved from a relationship based purely on traditional academic rigour to one that favours a more tailored, needs-based approach. The services of tutors are used for a variety of needs, such as exam preparation, special educational needs, careers advice, as well as revision and consultancy for school and university placement, to name but a few. A diverse cross-section of families draws on the services of private tutors, depending on the age and developmental goals of their children.

The function of private tuition is no longer confined to the conventional supply of teachers for academic subjects; it is now a unified educational approach to meeting the complete needs of the pupil. Tutors share in parents’ aspirations for their children and create a level of pastoral care that nurtures confidence and emotional development. This approach recognises that effective teaching requires more than simply the transmission of facts and figures. Learning is a deeply personal process that needs wide-ranging support and, by integrating academic and pastoral care, private tuition aims to develop firm foundations for success in all future endeavours.




One-to-one assistance often speeds up students’ progress more than a classroom setting because it allows space and time to focus on those areas that are most pertinent for the individual student. Some students also experience anxiety in the classroom if they begin to fall behind and, by offering patient support, private tuition can help to overcome these temporary barriers to learning.

Regarding educating overseas students, private tuition can offer an extremely important function, providing guidance and practice in the British standard of education. This can help familiarise the pupil with the UK system and bring pupils up to speed with their peers, minimising the impact of disruption across borders. The placement of pupils in schools suited to them is a critical step in a child’s educational path and tutors can help by offering guidance on these choices. This is even more important with university applications, as course choices inevitably guide careers.

At Mayfair Consultants we provide a comprehensive consultancy and tutoring service, tailored to the needs and progress of the pupil, enhancing academic knowledge, critical thinking, and study and life skills through a wide-ranging approach to personal development. We aim to develop the ability to learn independently, utilising tools that will prove indispensable to future success in any discipline or walk of life. Our tutoring services centre on a core education development plan that encompasses four main themes. In addition to the academic element, these are: life skills, study skills, critical thinking skills and work skills. A personal tutor will also offer an element of overall responsibility and pastoral care, all within the home environment.

Our unique life skills programme delivers everything from public speaking and gliding to fitness and falconry, helping inspire students in many directions. The study skills elements ensure pupils have the necessary skills to study and research academic subjects. Our critical thinking skills and aptitude units add a further dimension, along with work skills units and experiences aimed at building workplace skills for more successful careers. Our tailored approach allows us to adapt our programme for special needs and gifted children, and we place a strong emphasis on linguistics and multiple language development to an advanced level. The cohesive input of our personal tutors provides an impartial gauge of overall progress, mentoring, careers advice and guidance that often develops into a long-term relationship with families and pupils.

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