Online Computing based resources for GCSE & A Level Computing tutors and learners

Computer Science GCSE

An article published in the Guardian newspaper recently highlighted some very useful web-based computing resources. These are especially useful for GCSE and A Level students and tutors.

These are listed below.

Mr Fraser is computer science resource is particularly useful for GCSE and A Level computing. Here you can find past exam papers, lesson plans, practical ICT resources.

Dan Aldred – TECOED – This website contains many resources along with lesson plans, useful information for coders and learning programming as well as plenty of information for Raspberry Pi entheusiasts. These pages are suitable for both primary and secondary age school children and computing tutors with useful ideas for GCSE and A Level computer science courses.

Computing a School (CAS) is a resource for computing educators, and information on computing events and practical lesson ideas. There are also videos and other useful programming information.


Cambridge OCR computing videos and resources online provides videos and explanations on key computing concepts. There are also interactive tasks especially useful for GCSE students and exam preparation.

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Birkbeck is one of the oldest computing departments in the UK. This centre brings together research and teaching expertise in Information Management and Web Technologies, Computational Intelligence and Information Systems.

Code Academy is the ideal website to get started with programming and coding with useful information and resources for learning the diverse array of programming languages. There is an academy that you can register for that allows you top code with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby and Python as well as learn with HTML.

To learn more about computing hardware the look no further than the Logic Lab. This website offers interactive usability  for tinkering with logic gates. This is a useful resource for both primary and secondary computing studies and computer science.

If you are looking for a Data Representation resource the the cisco binary game offers the opportunity to learn how to convert to binary. It is aimed at key stage 3 and 4 students and teachers / tutors. There are also paper exercises for learners to complete.


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