IELTS and ESOL and TOEFL Tuition Courses London

IELTS and ESOL and TOEFL Tuition and Courses London

Our Language Centre offers tailored courses to your specific level and requirements through 1 to 1 lessons. We can tailor your tuition towards English proficiency examinations such as the ESOLIELTS and TOEFL. We provide Elocution and English pronunciation courses which can also be incorporated into lessons.

Our fully-qualified English Language and Literature tutors for English as a foreign language (EFL) tuition cater to pupils in central London. Our tutors are either native speakers or fluent English speakers. Their approaches are interactive and immersive, focussing on broadening clients’ vocabulary while improving their reading, speaking and writing skills. We provide all the course materials and cover the IELTS, ESOL, and TOEFL where Elocution and English pronunciation modules can also be incorporated into lessons. Many tutors use literary excerpts, as well as online, journalistic and other non-fiction sources, as part of their instruction methods.

The IELTS and ESOL and TOEFL test are often a fundamental English language Requirement for University Courses.  If have any questions about our English courses please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.