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We live in a world where technology is the driving force of every day life. It’s the alarm that woke you up this morning and the email you sent in a matter of seconds, it’s the news you browsed online and the coffee machine you can’t go a morning without, it is the navigational system that helped you get to work and the traffic lights that halted you along the way. More broadly, it is ingrained into every industry, from education through to engineering and entertainment. It helps facilitate business transactions across the world, creates better medicines, and fights crime. It allows us to make use of vital networks, whether locally such as within a community or business, or globally, transmitted into outer space.


These are exciting times for technology and computing. By studying IT you not only gain an insight into the extraordinary capacity for computing to transfer our lives, but you can also be at the forefront of the exciting new developments that will inevitably unfold in the next few years.


As technologies evolve and are increasingly relied upon for professional and entertainment purposes, new areas of work open up for students of IT, giving them variety and flexibility when it comes to choosing a specialisation. As they become more sophisticated, there are roles opening up in data systems and security, artificial intelligence, computer software, information systems, cloud technology, and many more.


Gaining an in-depth knowledge of computing opens up a world of technology and a variety of exciting career opportunities. The future advancement of any occupational field, be it law, medicine, business, education, entertainment or finance requires a workforce that values and invests in IT skills and knowledge.


Skills Gained


Some of the skills you can expect to gain are:


  • The capability to use and manage information technologies, networks and database
  • Developing new software solutions to meet specific business or market needs.
  • Learning how software is constructed and maintained, including design, programming, analysis and evaluation.
  • Testing computing and IT systems, using simulation tools.
  • Research and planning skills in order to organise work appropriately, maintaining systematic records of work in progress and outcomes.
  • Understanding and addressing the ethical, social and legal issues that might come into question around some computing and IT systems.
  • Communication skills and the ability to present facts, ideas and issues clearly both to an informed audience and the general population.




Computing and IT graduates are in high demand and predicted to continue to be so in the future, as industries expand and technologies advance. Typical employers might be software companies, telecommunications, government departments, gaming companies, broadcast and digital media, transport, tourism, and healthcare. Areas which are specifically undergoing growth include cyber security, cloud technology and the management of Big Data.

Mayfair Consultants offers private tuition for students studying Computing, computer software or IT. If you are keen to develop your expertise in any of these fields, Mayfair Consultants’ tutors can help you understand and apply both basic and advanced theories. We also offer private Computing tuition for beginners and younger students with a budding interest in the subject – including those taking Electronics GCSEs, AS and A-Levels. Many of our tutors have professional experience of the Computing and Electronics sector and are well-placed to serve diverse clients needs.

If you’d like arrange private lessons or have any questions about our tuition services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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