MBA – Master of Business Administration

Business Administration comprises a variety of components ranging from: the objectives and strategies of an organisation, to its finance and marketing, production and operations, and the functions of its staff. MBA Courses encourage commercial awareness and hones our understanding of economic influences across the world. This is a crucial asset at a time when international economic shifts and the exponential growth of online retailing, amongst other factors, are having a formative impact on business objectives and output. This knowledge can be useful for anyone involved with a small, medium or large corporation in both the public and the private sectors.

Business Administration Modules

If you are studying for an MBA, or for allied professional business qualifications, our tutors can help you understand and apply the methods and principles of business activity, including how business are managed, financed and regulated. We also offer private tuition and additional support for specific modules at top business schools such as London Business School, Judge Business School Cambridge University, Tanaka Business School Imperial College, Said Business School Oxford University and Cass Business School City University. Many of our tutors have direct experience of the corporate Business sector and all are fully-qualified.

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