Literacy & Achievement Testing

The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT) is used to assesses the academic achievement of children, adolescents, college students and adults,from the age of 4 through to 85 years. The WIAT tests an array of academic skills measuring aptitude on four basic scales: Reading, Math, Writing, and Oral Language. These are described in more detail below:


  • Word Reading: pre-reading/phonics and decoding skills (naming letters, words & phonological skills)
  • Reading Comprehension: assesses types of reading comprehension skills (matching words to pictures, reading sentences aloud, orally answering oral questions about reading passages, silent reading speed).
  • Pseudoword (phonetic) Decoding: tests the ability to apply phonetic decoding skills. (Reading nonsense words aloud from a list).


  • Numerical Operations: evaluates the ability to identify and write numbers ( e.g. counting, and solving paper & pencil computations).
  • Math Reasoning: assess the ability to reason mathematically ( e.g. counting, identifying shapes, and solving verbally framed “word problems” [presented both orally and either written or in illustration]).

Written Language

      • Spelling: evaluates the ability to spell (written spelling of dictated letters, sounds and words that are read in sentences).
      • Written Expression: assesses the writing process (writing letters and words as quickly as possible, writing sentences, and writing a paragraph or essay).

Oral Language

      • Listening Comprehension: measures the ability to listen for details (multiple-choice matching of pictures to spoken words).
      • Oral Expression: assesses general ability to use oral language effectively (repeating sentences, generating lists, describing scenes and pictured activities).

This achievement test can be used to identify the academic strengths and weaknesses and inform and aid intervention planning. The results and reports of these tests are officially recognized by schools and universities both in the United Kingdom and the majority of academic institutions abroad. We currently administer the latest edition of the WIAT test the WIAT-III.

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