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What is a summer school?

Summer schools are brief courses that take place during school and university holidays. They are often run at a specific institution for a period of a few weeks, and generally target students at secondary school and college (although they can be for people of any age, depending on the course and institution). Many prestigious colleges and universities provide a host of summer school experiences which range in content, cost, and duration. You might choose to study a course that can develop your knowledge in a certain area you have already studied at school (e.g. English Literature), or you may choose to study something entirely new like Critical Thinking, Leadership, or University Preparation.


Summer schools are an excellent opportunity to fill your holidays not only with exciting learning opportunities, but also a host of extra-curricular activities ranging from the sporty to the cultural. Summer schools are usually of a boarding school setup, where you can live in lovely grounds with fellow course mates. As such, a summer school course can offer a holistic learning experience where you can forge new friendships, develop skills and interests, and try out fun non-academic activities. Going to summer school could allow you to better understand what university life entails and if it suits you; alternatively, it is a great chance for you to sharpen your abilities in certain areas of interest. Attending a summer school can be a useful addition to your CV or university applications, as it can foreground your academic interests and skills. If you are an international student, attending summer school can also be the perfect opportunity to develop your language skills and have some experience of living in the UK.


Applications to a summer school may vary depending on the demands of the course. You will have to pay a fee and may sometimes be asked for additional information (especially for during/post-university summer schools) but primarily you will just need to provide contact details and sign up via the appropriate website. Many organisations run excellent summer programmes with an impressive range of courses, so it is worth researching widely to see what kind of options are available throughout the year. On this page we have listed a few links which might be of interest to you, but ultimately the kinds of course, institutions, areas of the UK, and financial aspects are entirely up to you and your interests!


How Mayfair Consultants can assist you:


We understand that applying for university early in your education or career can be a complicated and competitive process. To this end, we offer careers coaching and advice for those preparing for summer school applications across all disciplines. We can support you throughout the process – from writing personal statements, preparing for interviews, and testing. Many of our tutors hold undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from leading UK universities, making them best placed to advise and support you on the right summer courses and subjects. In offering this support we hope to boost your application and maximise your chances of securing your degree course or to build knowledge outside of your main degree discipline.  If you’d like to arrange a careers tutor or school / university admissions advisor or have any questions about our tuition services, please call us on 02076656606 or send us an email via our contact form.


Summer School Resources:


Options for summer school:

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