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The History Aptitude Test , known at the HAT is used for the selection of candidates for all degree courses involving History at Oxford. The HAT tests the skills and potential of the student for the study of History at Oxford University, and provides an objective basis for comparing candidates from different backgrounds, including mature applicants and those from different countries.

There are three parts to the History Aptitude Test at Oxford: first, a series of questions based on historical writing. Second a short essay and finally a single question, based on a primary source. The test lasts two hours, and candidates are advised to spend at least half an hour reading the texts, thinking and planning answers. Detailed information can be found here about the test. HAT past papers from 2005 can be practiced here.

The University of Oxford provides the following guidance on which skills are tested namely:

  • the ability to read carefully and critically
  • the adoption of an analytical approach
  • the ability to answer a question relevantly
  • the ability to offer a coherent argument
  • precision, in the handling of concepts and in the selection of evidence presented to support points
  • historical imagination
  • originality
  • precision, clarity and facility of writing
  • Depth of knowledge will not be tested
  • Development of own historical knowledge in questions

The History Aptitude Test exam takes place usually in the first week on November each year and successful candidates are then invited for an Interview. Pupils can also arrange to have the test at their school regionally in the UK. International students can arrange to have the test at their school or British Councils in the host country.

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Courses are delivered 1-1 for the HAT with past paper practice and expert advice from past History Degree Graduates from Oxford Colleges. Many of our tutors hold PhDs and other postgraduate qualifications in History, indicative both of their passion for, and expertise in, the subject.

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