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TSA – The Thinking Skills Assessment Test is required as part of the selection procedure for applications to undergraduate courses in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Economics and Management, Experimental Psychology and Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology (PPP) at the University of Oxford. This test assesses thinking skills, critical and otherwise as well as general aptitude. Furthermore  the following skills are tested: Problem-solving skills, including numerical and spatial reasoning. Critical thinking skills, including understanding argument and reasoning using everyday language. This test is also required for certain courses at Cambridge University and University College London.

TSA Oxford, Cambridge, & UCL Courses.

Exam Format:

TSA Oxford is a written test consisting of two sections, firstly the Thinking Skills element with 50 MCQs to complete over 90 minutes. The thinking skills element of section 1 tests a candidates problem-solving skills, numerical and spatial reasoning, Critical thinking skills, argument and reasoning skills. A further section two entails a written task over 30 minutes assessing the ability to organise ideas clearly and concisely, and communicate them effectively in writing. The questions set are not subject-specific. The whole test lasts 2 hours.

TSA Chemistry (Oxford) From 2016 Oxford Chemistry applicants. TSA Chemistry is a 90 minute exam that is essentially Section 1 of TSA Oxford with 50 multiple choice thinking skills questions complete in 90 minutes. Candidates applying for Chemistry F100 will not be required to take Section 2 which is the writing task.

TSA Cambridge is a paper exam, and essentially similar to the Thinking Skills Assessment Oxford core Section one element. 50 multiple-choice questions, testing problem-solving and thinking skills over 90 minutes.

TSA UCL is a paper test consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, testing problem-solving and critical thinking skills over 90 minutes.


The following courses require the TSA:

University  Course 
University of Cambridge (C05)

G400 Computer ScienceL100 Economics

H100 Engineering

L000 Human, Social, and Political Sciences

KL41 Land Economy

BCF0 Natural Sciences (Physical and Biological)

C800 Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

University  Course 
University of Oxford (O33) CV85 Psychology and Philosophy

C830 Experimental Psychology (EP)

CQ81 Psychology and Linguistics

LN12 Economics and Management

L0V0 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

L700 Geography

VQ51 Philosophy and Linguistics

F100 Chemistry (From 2016 TSA Chemistry)

University  Course 
UCL (U80) R990 European Social and Political Studies

R992 European Social and Political Studies: Dual Degree BA

Courses are delivered 1-1 for the Thinking Skills Assessment with past paper practice and expert advice by Graduates from Oxford Colleges. Many of our tutors hold PhDs and other postgraduate qualifications in their subjects, indicative both of their passion for, and expertise as well as extensive experience with these thinking and aptitude tests.

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Resources & TSA Practice Tests:


http://www.admissionstestingservice.org/for-test-takers/thinking-skills-assessment/tsa-oxford/about-tsa-oxford/ TSA Oxford Practice Papers and Test advice (Including TSA Chemistry).

http://www.admissionstestingservice.org/for-test-takers/thinking-skills-assessment/tsa-cambridge/about-tsa-cambridge/ TSA Cambridge Practice Papers

http://www.admissionstestingservice.org/for-test-takers/thinking-skills-assessment/tsa-ucl/about-tsa-ucl/ Thinking Skills Assessment UCL Practice Papers, Exam Tips and Preparation