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Architecture Tutors

Whats it like to study Architecture?

Ask any current student this question and they will likely tell you about the glittering social life they once had and and the free time they remember enjoying, and how that came to an abrupt end the moment they enrolled on their degree of choice. However, they might quickly go on to defend their discipline with the insistence that it’s all worth it for the immense satisfaction they feel working on projects they spend their unending hours in the studio working on. Architecture is certainly one of those fields where enough is never enough and the parameters of work expand so long as you keep pushing them. Combine that with the length of the course in the UK (seven years) and you’ll find only the most dedicated and devoted Architects coming out the other side. For anyone genuinely interested in Architecture however, this is good news, as the degree is sure to enrich you and develop your skills to the maximum. Our Architecture tutors combine practical skills with academic study, which makes it – though tough at times – immensely interesting and varied. Our Architecture tutors can help you through to practice.


Rather than lecture halls, most of your studies will be based in the studio for design work, tutorials and ‘crits’ – shorthand for ‘critiques’ – and a term every Architect will become familiar with. This involves presenting your design project work to tutors and fellow students, who provide feedback. Outside the studio, the timetable consists of lectures and computer workshops as well as site visits to buildings and places of interest.


In addition, most university courses offer specialist areas of study such as in sustainability, town planning, technology or management, so there is scope for developing your own personal interests. From history, politics and theory on one side, to design, art and engineering on the other, architecture plays an immensely important part in modern society. It is a career which can impact and influence people’s lives every day, and architects at the very top of the game can garner significant prestige and an enduring reputation.


Architecture Skills and Career


The objective of an architectural programme is of course to prepare for a career in architecture, however, the course endows the student with a host of transferable skills that can be used in other industries and walks of life.


These include:

  • Creativity, and a methodical approach to harnessing artistic and design talent.
  • Teamwork skills, as much of the practical work is carried out in groups.
  • The ability to objectively assess others as well as yourself, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Communication and confidence-building skills. Students will learn how to put forward arguments, support them with logical reasoning and respond to close scrutiny from others.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills. Architecture requires a lot of innovative thought and solutions to the demands of different environments. This also hones improvisation and adaptability.


Careers can be found in numerous different fields, including business, government, industry, landscape, research and teaching. Another option is to work privately or freelance, if you are interested in working closely with clients and exercising a little more creativity. Increasingly, ‘green architects’ are becoming popular, so specialising in sustainable and economically friendly may provide the best outlook for a career in the future.


Mayfair Consultants offers private tutors for students studying Architecture. If you are keen to develop your expertise and architecture portfolio, we have a team of architecture tutors that can help you understand and apply both basic and advanced theories and assist building your portfolio and models. We also offer private tuition for beginners and younger students with a budding interest in the subject – including those taking foundation programmes and A-Levels.

Many of our tutors have professional experience of degree requirements at university and the design sector both at Undergraduate and postgraduate levels and are well-placed to serve diverse clients needs.


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If you’d like arrange private lessons or have any questions about our architectural degree tutors and university tuition services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.

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