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Deeply rooted in mathematical principles, engineering constitutes the link between scientific discoveries and their practical or commercial applications. Engineers are called upon both to develop new products or make existing products more efficient. Engineers are often celebrated as pioneers throughout history, you might have heard of Isambard Kingdom Brunel or Henry Ford, as well as in the present, with the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos making frequent headlines. Our Engineering tutors can assist choosing the right course for you and guide you through your engineering degree and syllabus.


They operate at the intersection of technology and science, studying the design of electrical systems, engines, machines and much more. Indeed, there are many different types of engineers: civil engineers, electrical engineers, medical, environmental or even aeronautic engineers. Furthermore, the digital revolution has created new branches of engineering. Our engineering tutors are ready to help you prepare and embrace any of these aspects of engineering.


Engineering Degrees


The subjects you might study during your course will depend largely on the type of engineering course you choose to attend. Many UK universities will offer specialised undergraduate engineering courses, however some of the top institutions, including Oxford and Cambridge, will offer general engineering degrees that will prepare you for a number of specialisations. These degrees will see you studying modules such as:





-Mechanical Engineering



-Energy, Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

-Chemical Engineering

-Energy Systems

-Electrical and Information Sciences


These courses will also see you complete a practical, sometimes collaborative, design project at the university’s laboratory. This will constitute part of your final grade. To gain a place on your engineering degree of choice, you will need to demonstrate an understanding of mathematics and physics. Higher level mathematics, either at A-level, IB or equivalent, is strongly preferred by top universities. Our engineering tutors are prepared to help you meet the entry requirements and thrive on your engineering course of choice.


Engineering Careers


Engineering is a wholly vocational degree: students will be prepared for their specialisation. That is, an environmental engineering graduate might directly become an environmental engineer. Engineers are frequently employed by the state to work on national and local infrastructure projects, as well as by private institutions, such as NASA. Nonetheless, graduates will also be equipped to form their own path as entrepreneurs, perhaps making an impact on the digital revolution.




Mayfair Consultants offer at-home, one-on-one, engineering tuition to clients of all ages and abilities. Our engineering tutors are fully-qualified, with many holding postgraduate degrees, PhDs and/or having a research background in engineering, remaining up-to-date with the latest engineering courses. Our tutors work across London and Online with students preparing for Engineering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for university exams in related engineering fields. Mayfair Consultants engineering tutors employ a range of fast-paced, interactive approaches to build confidence and encourage students to become specialists in engineering


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