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CTA Tutors – Chartered Tax Advisor

A career as a chartered tax adviser is varied with responsibilities ranging from researching and analysing tax legislation, instructing and communicating with relevant parties on taxation matters as well as assisting with taxation planning initiatives. In addition to strong numerical skills, CTA candidates must have good communication and analytical skills, understanding of UK tax law and competency drafting written reports. Our CTA Tutors can help you with the CTA Courses and Exams through to becoming a Chartered Tax Advisor.


What is the CTA?


As the highest level of tax qualification in the UK, the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) exams are renowned as the UK’s most challenging and esteemed tax examination Successfully completing the qualification enables membership to the Chartered Institute of Taxation. The exams for the CTA are held every year in May and November and candidates are required to have at least 3 years of relevant work experience before completing them. Generally, to complete the CTA candidates participate in 7 modular examinations which this usually takes students around 2-3 years. However, the CTA is a flexible qualification and depending on candidate’s individual career goals and circumstances, there are a range of pathways available which can alter this timeframe as well as how the candidates are assessed.


How to pass the CTA?  


Direct Pathway:  This is the most common pathway; students complete all 7 module examinations over the course of approximately 2-3 years. An incredibly beneficial aspect of the CTA is its flexibility. This is because for most of the 7 modular exams, candidates are able to choose from a selection of topics which they wish to study and be assessed on. This means that CTA participants are able to tailor their qualification to suit your own personal interests and future career goals. This can also be used to candidates advantage regarding their particular skills and abilities.


CTA Exam Structure: 7 Modular Exams

  • 1 x 3hr 15-minute Awareness Exam (Choose 3 of the following: VAT, Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates, Corporation Tax, Taxation of Individuals, Taxation of Unincorporated Businesses)
  • 3 x 1hr Computer Based Exams (Principles of Accounting, Law, Professional Responsibilities & Ethics)
  • 2 x 3hr 30-minute Advanced Technical Exam (Choose 2 of the following which must not be the same as the modules opted for in previous examinations: Taxation of Owner-Managed Businesses, Domestic Indirect Taxation, Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates, Human Capital Taxes, Taxation of Individuals, Cross-Border Indirect Taxation, Taxation of Major Corporates)
  • 1 x 3hr 30-minute Application and Professional Skills (Choose one which must not overlap with previous choices: Taxation of Individuals, Taxation of Larger Companies and Groups, Owner-Managed Businesses, Human Capital Taxes, VAT and Other Indirect Taxes, Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates)


Joint Programmes: Students can also opt to study for the CTA alongside the ACA, CA and ATT examinations in order to secure a joint qualification in other aspects of the financial field. Assessment for each of these joint qualifications varies but candidates are generally required to take a selection of exams from both the qualifications of the joint programme allowing them to have a good understanding and insight into more than one area of the field.


Apprenticeship: Those who wish to take a more practical pathway to becoming CTA accredited may also chose to undertake the Level 7 apprenticeship. This is equivalent to a master’s degree and is expected to take candidates around 3 years to complete. Level 7 apprentices must take the CTA Application and Professional skills module examination as in the direct pathway. Rather than complete the other modular exams however, candidates then must also complete a Project Report which is an extended research project, an example of which can be found here.


How can our CTA Tutors help you? 

The flexibility of the CTA means that each candidate’s journey differs substantially. Depending on which route you choose to complete the CTA, the type of assessment you are expected to complete as well as the individual topics you cover will change. Regardless of which pathway you have chosen, our knowledgeable tutors can assist you with preparation for your CTA examinations throughout the course of your qualification. Perhaps you struggle particularly with a certain exam format or module? If this is the case, our one-to-one tuition services are even able to assist you with just one particular module or element of the CTA.


If you would like to arrange private lessons or have any questions about our tuition services, please call us on Tel: +44(0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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