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Undergraduate Applications Tutor UCAS

Undergraduate Applications UCAS

Why university for undergraduate courses?

University is an increasingly popular post-18 education option. The academic journey you can undertake at university is often the selling point for this educational choice: at university, you will have the chance to receive quality teaching on your selected subject, improve your knowledge and skills, and increase your career opportunities once you have graduated. Additionally to all this, university is a space for holistic development. The academic experience is but one aspect of being part of this educational institution. An undergraduate applications UCAS tutor can guide your career path and assist with your UCAS application. At university, you can experience these many benefits:


  • Making lifelong connections, from friends to academic links
  • Trying new experiences – such as living away from home for the first time, joining societies, going on a year abroad or completing a year in industry, and learning new skills on your course
  • Learning about topics that are of genuine interest to you and having greater freedom over your intellectual and academic life
  • Access to accomplished researchers and academics, learning opportunities, and resources (e.g. online databases, libraries, and laboratories)
  • Graduating with a degree looks good on your CV and can increase your chances of getting a career in the area of your interest


What application to university involves:

Applying to university involves numerous steps, from selecting your course and university to crafting a strong personal statement. Some universities are harder to get into than others, so tailoring your application to your top choice and presenting yourself in a good light is very important. It is also worth bearing in mind that universities are incredibly varied: courses, societies, research prestige, location, size, entry requirements and more range greatly across universities. As such, applying to university requires not only time and attention but also a good awareness of your options and what suits you best. Some aspects of the university application process include:


  • Personal statements expressing interest in your chosen subject and demonstrating why you would be a good fit for it
  • Potential interviews and additional admissions tests depending on the subject and university
  • Achieving the stated entry requirements given by particular universities for their courses: qualifications they can accept include A Levels, International Baccalaureate, BTEC Extended Diploma, T Level, Scottish Highers, and the Welsh Baccalaureate
  • For international students applying to a UK University, English language requirements must be met


When applying through the central Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, our UCAS tutors, do not forget that you may apply to more than one university and that you will eventually select your top and reserve choices. Having a lot of choice might feel daunting, but ultimately, it is important to remember that your university experience is entirely about you and what you would like to get out of it.

Undergraduate Applications Guidance from a UCAS Tutor

Here are some questions you might find useful in order to work out your interests and to narrow down your options:


  • What subject would I be happy to study for at least the next three years?
  • Would I rather live far from home or stay nearby? Is there a particular part of the country where I’d like to live?
  • What aspects of university interest me most? For example, do I want to go to a Russell Group university with a reputation for academic achievement? Would I rather live in a campus university (where teaching facilities, accommodation, and extra-curricular activities are all situated in the same area) or in a city university (where all these areas are spread across the city)? Do I want a university with a vibrant nightlife, or a sporty reputation, or excellent theatre facilities?
  • What sorts of careers have alumni of this university/course gone on to have?
  • What kinds of accommodation does this university provide?
  • Will I be able to meet the entry requirements?
  • What extra-curricular or super-curricular activities does this university offer?
  • Do I have the finances to support me going to university? If not, does this university offer a bursary or other schemes that could help?
  • How do these universities and courses compare? What elements of each appeal to me most?


What should be clear from this guidance is that there are no right or wrong answers when choosing to go to university. The goal is to select a place and course where you will be happy and feel fulfilled. Attending university open days is recommended, since this can allow you to directly ask questions to people who are students or members of staff at the university. Visiting universities before you apply for them can really help you work out if the place “feels” right for you. Alternatively, look up the universities and courses on their websites, or order their prospectuses. A careers & UCAS Tutor is at hand to help answer your questions and advise on your university choices.


How our Undergraduate Applications & UCAS Tutors at Mayfair Consultants can assist you:

At Mayfair Consultants we understand that applying to university can be a complicated and competitive process. To this end, we offer one-to-one private coaching and advice for clients preparing for Undergraduate applications and the UCAS personal statement. We can support you throughout the process – from writing personal statements, preparing for interviews, and revising for exams. Many of our tutors hold undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from leading UK universities, making them best placed to advise and support you. In offering this support we hope to boost your application and maximise your chances of going to your top choice university.  If you’d like to arrange private lessons or have any questions about our tuition services, please call us on 02076656606 or send us an email via our contact form.


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