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Biology is the study of all life and living organisms, whether at a cellular, molecular or human level. The discipline ranges from anatomical systems and the classification of species, to studies of respiration, photosynthesis and the impact of environmental factors on organisms. Famous biologists include the 18th c. ‘fossil-hunter’ Mary Anning; the 19th century father of evolution Charles Darwin; and the 20th c geneticists Watson and Crick, who first recorded the molecular structure of DNA. Like its subjects, the science of Biology is constantly evolving, as scientists make new discoveries about the mysteries of our world. Our Biology tutors can help you with your course and exam revision.

The study of life from the smallest to the largest scale; from the structure and function of biological molecules through to cells, tissues, organisms and to the entire global ecosystem. Our tutors will guide you through the different syllabuses providing expert tutorials on the various subsets of the subject in preparation for final exams.

The Study of Life

From the beginning of life, in every living organism from microbes and plants to animals and humans, hundreds of tiny biological processes work non-stop to enable it to function with incredible precision and relentless activity. And despite the great strides in progress that scientists have made, much remains beyond the limits of our knowledge, both conceptually and physically in the remote reaches of our planet and beyond. But everyday, biologists work hard to push those boundaries and make new discoveries that can lead to understanding everything from genetic modification and stem cell research to sustainable food and energy production.

A Level Biology Tutors in London

With the subject being so broad, the academic flexibility offered by studying biology is also vast. Depending on individual interest, you can go on to study living organisms such as animals, plants, humans and bacteria. You can help develop biological knowledge and understanding of living processes for incredibly rewarding and vital work, including treatment of disease and sustaining the natural environment.

Biology also has great socio-economic value. It connects us to the world we are living in and reminds us of our essential symbiosis with all other life forms. It develops awareness of the ecosystems we live in, and how best we can develop sustainable and low cost solutions to modern problems we face. Such problems include the impact of industrialisation, urbanisation, agricultural policy, technological change and commercialisation of industries such as the the world food supply system.

Why study biology ?

Biology is an academic field which, like all sciences, is constantly developing and growing. As research into organisms including humans develops, and our understanding of the minute processes deepens, more and more interactions between the different branches of this subject have emerged. An in-depth study of the subject can give you a full appreciation of the connections between them and ensure that you cultivate the inquisitive and analytical approach vital to succeed in the subject and glean full enjoyment out of it.

Where can Biology take you ?

As with the other sciences, biology helps you to build up research, problem solving, organisation and analytical skills.

By choosing to study biological systems, you place yourself at the forefront of the latest research in the field, and open your mind to a broad and fascinating discipline. This is a highly sought after subject in the professional world, with graduates often choosing to work in biomedical research, pharmaceuticals, medicine and healthcare, science journalism, teaching, food testing and production, conservation and environmental biology and zoology.

Biology Tutors, GCSE & A-Level Biology Lessons.

Mayfair Consultants offer at-home, one-on-one, Biology tuition to clients of all ages and abilities. Our tutors are fully-qualified, with many holding postgraduate degrees, PhDs and/or having a research background in their subject, remaining up-to-date with the latest research and scientific trends. Our tutors work across London with students preparing for GCSEs, AS-levels, A-levels and IBs, and with undergraduates and postgraduates preparing for university exams in related fields. Mayfair Consultants Science tutors employ a range of fast-paced, interactive approaches to build confidence and encourage learners to become specialists in their own subject.

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