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MMI Tutors Multiple Mini Interview Mock Prep

MMI Tutors – Multiple Mini Interview Mock Prep

The MMI – Multiple Mini Interviews are a series of small assessments, used by medical schools during the candidate application admission process. The MMIs differ from the standard interview setup, challenging candidates through a series of challenges, roe-play scenarios and general soft skill activities to determine the strongest applicants. The series of challenges are commonly referred to as stations and/or mini interviews, averaging a duration of 10 minutes of less per mini interview, with scenarios presented to candidates a select amount of time before the interview. MMIs generally consist of 10 mini, 10-minute interviews, taking on average 2 hours to complete in total duration. The mini interviews vary in context and activity content, designed to assess candidates across a wide variety of general practice in the medical sector. Our MMI Tutors can help you prepare for your mock interviews and the real thing.


What do the MMIs assess?

MMIs measure candidate’s soft skills, general attitudes, abilities of working under strict conditions and also enables interviewers to establish a more rounded impression of their prospective candidates. In turn, MMIs enable candidates to demonstrate their skills, general medical knowledge and personality throughout the various activities and scenarios, promoting their personal strengths (whether that be in communication, team effort or practical skills). The MMIs demonstrate how it takes more to be a medical practitioner than having read the right books; candidates must prove themselves as having the necessary qualities to be able to train in their chosen field. Medical schools with be testing candidates on their ability to communicate their knowledge of current societal and healthcare issues/ areas of debate, showing an interest in knowledge development and general passion for Medicine. Candidate’s strengths in soft skills such as confidence making ethical and researched decisions under high-pressure situations will be tested, alongside candidate’s critical thinking, general logic and reasoning.


Main activities in the MMIs:

Role-play Scenarios: Candidates are asked to role-play scenarios with the assistance of an actor, typically centred around the theme of delivering bad news and demonstrating empathy.

Professional Judgment Stations: Candidates are asked to role-play with a colleague or patient, typically centred around professional judgments and patient safety.

Prioritisation Stations: Candidates are asked to rank objects concerning specific scenarios in order of importance, centred around testing candidate rational thinking.

Giving Instructions Stations: Candidates are tasked with explaining how to complete difficult and at times obscure tasks.

Calculation and Data Interpretation Stations: Candidates are tasked with reading data and coming to a knowledge-based conclusion.

PBL Stations: Candidates are presented with a mini lesson, with other candidates, tasked with a specific problem.


What UK Universities use the MMIs?

Medical Schools across the UK that use the Multiple Mini Interviews include:

+ University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry

+ Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus

+ Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus

+ University of Birmingham Medical School

+ Brighton & Sussex Medical School

+ University of Bristol – Bristol Medical School

+ University of Buckingham Medical School at Milton Keynes University Hospital

+ Brunel University London

+ School of Medicine, Cardiff University

+ Edge Hill University Medical School

+ University of Edinburgh Medical School

+ Univeristy of Exeter College of Medicine and Health

+ Hull York Medical School

+ Imperial College School of Medicine

+ Keele University School of Medicine

+ Kent and Medway Medical School

+ Lancaster University Medical School

+ Leeds School of Medicine

+ University of Leicester Medical School

+ The University of Manchester

+ Newcastle University Medical School

+ University of East Anglia Norwich Medical School

+ University of Nottingham Medical School

+ University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

+ Queen’s University Belfast School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

+ University of St Andrews Medical School


How do I prepare for the MMIs?

It is important to take time to prepare for the MMIs, considering the fact that the tasks you will be expected to participate in will have a degree of pressure surrounding them. Candidates who have worked in an area of the medical sector in an internship programme or work experience should make good use of this experience, channelling the skills and soft skills developed in this time in the MMIs. Practicing under time-conditions using the help of a tutor and common past MMI questions can enable you to feel more confident entering your MMIs, decreasing worries concerning time restraints. A strong comprehension of what it means to be a medical practitioner, including qualities and current issues will enable you to mirror these qualities in your MMIs, focusing on communicating clearly, demonstrating empathy and working with confidence. Key interview tips will always encourage you to ask for a repeat of a question if you are unsure of the task, a question well worth asking under the context of a medical interview. Remember that there may not be a right answer for certain activities/ tasks, meaning the interviewers are interested in your interpretation and reason, so it is useful to avoid second-guessing and to commit to your chosen answer to demonstrate logic and confidence.


MMI Tuition and Tutors London

We provide a comprehensive interview preparation service for the MMIs, including mock interviews, careers planning, applications and one-on-one tutoring services, delivered from the comfort of your home. Mayfair Consultants offer at home, one-on-one MMI tutors to clients living across the London area. Our fully qualified MMI tutors are highly skilled specialists, with many holding postgraduate degrees. They offer clear, concise explanations and stimulating approaches, helping to support the need of every student, preparing you for the various scenarios you will have to participate in within your MMIs. If you would like to arrange private interview prep sessions, or have any questions about our tuition services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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