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Arabic is spoken by over a quarter of a billion people worldwide with the Arabic alphabet and language having Semitic origins. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world and is the language of the Koran, meaning it is understood by over two billion Muslims globally. Most Arabic-speaking countries use Modern Standard Arabic. The language is at least 1,500 years old. Our Arabic tutors can teach you this exceptional language.


Arabic has no capital letters, and the words always begin with a consonant, followed by a vowel. There are 28 letters in the alphabet, and it is written and read from right to left. This can be difficult to get used to for Arabic students, but there is sixteen centuries worth of Arabic literature available to get you comfortable with reading Arabic. Interestingly, the numerical system used across most of the world (1, 2, 3) was originally Arabic. Within Arabic, there are various dialects, including Egyptian, Sudanese and Levantine. It is helpful to choose one dialect and stick with it in your Arabic studies.


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Arabic is spoken by over a quarter of a billion people worldwide with the Arabic alphabet and language having Semitic origins. Arabic forms the first language of 26 countries across the middle east and north Africa each offering a diverse culture, food and a rich Arabic experience from Morocco to Lebanon and beyond to the Gulf states such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates . It is the fifth most spoken language in the world and furthermore the language of the Koran that encompasses over two billion people globally. Arabic is certainly a useful communication tool. In use in most Arabic countries is the Modern Arabic Standard.

Learning Arabic is highly advantageous for those who want to travel or work internationally, as Arabic is the first language of 26 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Taking Arabic lessons will open you up to a rich variety of cultures, from places like Morocco to Dubai. If you want to conduct business in Arab-speaking countries, it is important to schedule face-to-face meetings and be respectful of others’ time. Business revolves around personal relationships and long handshakes are common.


The Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is the global standard for measuring listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Arabic. It is held online and there must be an Arab Academy registered invigilator present. The test provides a certificate of completion for evidence of Arabic language abilities for both adults and children. Alongside this, Cambridge offers an IGCSE in Arabic as a Foreign Language.


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 Mayfair Consultants offers fully-qualified Arabic tutors for private tuition across London. Our tutors are either native or fluent Arabic speakers who use interactive and immersive approaches, focussing on extending clients’ vocabularies while perfecting their pronunciation and writing. We also focus on Arabic culture and business etiquette. Many of our tutors use literary materials, as well as online, journalistic and other non-fiction sources, as part of their instruction tools. We work with learners of all ages and abilities, including those preparing for Arabic GCSE, A-Level and IB exams, and those acquiring the language for research, travel or business purposes.

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