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TOEFL Tutors – Test of English as a Foreign Language Courses


TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardised English proficiency test which is specifically focused on assessing academic English communication. This means it is primarily useful for those who wish to use the qualification to enter an English-speaking university or educational institution. TOEFL is an incredibly popular English proficiency assessment. It is widely regarded as the most preferred standardised assessment amongst universities and is accepted by over 11,500 institutions worldwide. It tests candidate’s ability in 4 skills:  reading, listening speaking and writing with a specific focus on how these skills are used in an academic environment. Our TOEFL Tutors can guide you through all aspects of the TOEFL Exam.


TOEFL Registration  

Taking the TOEFL examination is now very flexible and candidates have a choice of three assessment formats. Candidates can choose to go the traditional route and take their examination at a test centre or for those that are unable to do this, candidates can also take the Home Edition online from a computer at home. Finally, there is also the option for candidates to sit the Paper Edition. This form of assessment requires candidates to sit the assessment in two sessions, firstly the reading, listening and writing paper are sat at a test centre and then the speaking element of the qualification is taken on a computer from home.


TOEFL Preparation 

Being well prepared for the TOEFL is essential for succeeding in the assessment. There are a number of ways that candidates can ensure they are suitably prepared. The most important initial step is to understand what the assessment will involve. The graph below illustrates how the examination will be structured; it is important for candidates to understand how the exam will be formatted so that they can effectively prepare for the exam and manage their time during the assessment.


Section Order Time # of Questions Details
Reading 1 60-80 mins 36-56 questions Read 3-4 passages and answer questions
Listening 2 60-90 mins 34-51 questions Listen to 4-6 lectures and 2-3 conversations and answer questions
Break 3 10 mins
Speaking 4 20 mins 6 tasks Answer prompts about familiar topics, campus situations, and academic course content
Writing 5 50 mins 2 tasks Compare a passage and a lecture; write about your opinion
TOTAL About 4 hours


Types of questions that can be expected:


Reading: multiple-choice, inserting a sentence, reading to learn (which required candidates to rearrange sentences in a passage).


Listening: multiple-choice, multiple-answer (similar to multiple-choice but candidates’ can choose more than one answer choice), replay with questions about the audio clip.


Speaking: tasks vary but can be split into independent speaking tasks where the candidate is given a prompt and must prepare a short 45 second speech and integrated speaking tasks which combine candidate’s speaking skills with reading and listening.


Writing: Candidates must write two essays, the first will be based on a 2-minute audio clip of a lecture and for the second candidates will be given a prompt on a familiar topic and asked to give an opinion about it.




During TOEFL every correct answer earns candidates’ points whilst an incorrect answer will earn zero points. This means that even if candidates do not know the correct answer for definite, it is worth making a guess because it an incorrect answer will not deduct points. For the reading and listening element of the exam, correct answers make up the candidates ‘raw score’ which will be converted into a scaled score to ensure that each TOEFL test is standardised. The speaking and writing elements of the exam is scored slightly different because section is free-response. Therefore, spoken responses will be graded based on a fluency scale from 0-4.



TOEFL Tutors & TOEFL Courses

Our experienced TOEFL tutors have a wealth of experience guiding learners of English as a second language through the TOEFL assessment. With one-to-one tutoring sessions that are tailored to you, your English proficiency level and your personal English journey. This means that we can guide you through the process, and all four English skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening, to ensure that you achieve the TOEFL result that you want.

If you would like to arrange private TOEFL lessons or have any questions about our tuition services, please call us on Tel: +44(0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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