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MML Tutors - Modern and Medieval Languages Cambridge

MML Tutors – Modern and Medieval Languages

Modern and Medieval Languages – Admissions Assessment

If you are applying to study MML – Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge and are shortlisted for interview, you will be required to take a written assessment. This assessment is designed to test your skills rather than your knowledge. You do not need to register yourself for this assessment: it is organised by the college you applied to and they will contact you directly with further details. Generally, you will be required to sit this assessment at-interview. Our MML Tutors can help you prepare for this Oxbridge entrance exam.


The admissions assessment is divided into two parts:

  • Section A: Discursive response in Foreign Language (40 minutes)
    • You will be given a prompt – a piece of writing on a random topic. In this section, you will be asked a question about the prompt which you need to respond to in the language you are applying to study. If you are applying to study more than one language, you will only need to write in one of them for this test.
    • The goal is to see how freely you express yourself in this foreign language.
    • Markers are looking for accuracy, secure grammatical knowledge, good comprehension.
  • Section B: Discursive response in English (20 minutes)
    • You will be asked another question about the same prompt.
    • You will respond to this question in English.
    • Markers are looking for good communication of ideas.


Marking criteria:

Below is an outline of each aspect of the marking criteria. Each sub-point can total a maximum of 4 marks. To achieve this maximum, you will need to have demonstrated certain skills:


Question 1 (32 marks total)

  • Comprehension, summary and response (16 marks)
    • Comprehension: Clear comprehension of the passage
    • Summary: Effective summary of main points
    • Organisation of ideas: Well-structured answer
    • Response to passage: Intelligent and logical response to the passage
  • Use of foreign language (16 marks)
    • Communication of ideas: Effective communication of complex ideas
    • Range of vocabulary: Ambitious range of vocabulary used
    • Complexity of language use: Wide range of structures used, including complex constructions
    • Accuracy: Highly accurate with few errors


Question 2 (16 marks total)

  • Analysis: Perceptive analysis relevant to the question
  • Evidence: Highly effective and detailed examples used
  • Expression: Fluent, precise ad persuasive expression used
  • Organisation: Well organised argument


Additional information:

If you wish to pair a modern European language with Classical Latin or Classical Greek, you will also be required to have your classical language assessed.


Different colleges may vary slightly in their application procedures. You may have one or multiple interviews and could also be asked to send in additional information about yourself that could be incorporated into the interview(s). You could also be asked to submit some recent written work. Note, therefore, that the admissions assessment is but one aspect of your entire application. Enjoy the process and use it as an opportunity to confidently show your skills and determination.


How Mayfair Consultants can assist you:

Courses and MML Tuition are delivered 1-1 by our MML tutors, with past paper practice and expert advice from past Modern and Medieval Languages Degree Graduates from Oxford and Cambridge Colleges. Many of our tutors hold PhDs and other postgraduate qualifications in teaching Modern and Medieval Languages both as teachers and MML tutors, indicative both of their passion for, and expertise in, the subject.

If you’d like arrange private lessons or have any questions about our MML tuition services in London and Cambridge please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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