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DAT Tutors - Dental Admission Test  Dentistry

DAT Tutors – Dental Admission Test 

We provide a comprehensive service for the Dental Admission Test (DAT), including one-on-one tutoring services, delivered from the comfort of your home (see bottom of page for further information). We can also assist with the DAT application procedure as well as test preparation and interview advice. Our DAT Tutors can guide you through all the elements of the DAT Test.


What is the DAT?

Established by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Dental Admission Test (DTA) was created in 1950 and is used by 66 dental schools in the US and Canada to assess candidate’s knowledge and subsequent potential when applying for student admission. Designed to involve dental students with educational programs which further education and produce qualified dental practitioners, the DTA is a test that takes 4.5 hours to complete, offered year-round in the US. It is a standard requirement for all US and Canadian dental school’s applicants to take the DAT for a successful application. Candidates are advised to take the DTA during their junior undergraduate year in the second semester (term) to ensure that candidates are prepared for the test.


What does the DAT assess?

The DAT is made up of four different sections, consisting of multiple-choice questions. These four sections are:

Survey of the Natural Sciences: 90-minutes in duration, including 30 general chemistry questions, 30 organic chemistry questions and 40 biology questions.

Perceptual Ability: 60-minute duration, including six sets of problems concerning spatial reasoning and three-dimensional manipulation.

Reading Comprehension: 60-minutes in duration, including questions pertaining to three academic essays.

Quantitative Reasoning: 45-minutes in duration, centred around mathematical content, concerning algebra, trigonometry and fractions.

The DAT takes five hours and 15 minutes to complete and is computer-based, enabling candidates to see their results immediately.


What score should I be aiming to achieve?

Scores from the DAT are split into eight standard individual scores, ranging from 1 to 30, the first six of these scores are based on results from reading comprehension, perceptual ability, general chemistry, quantitative reasoning, biology and organic chemistry. The final two scores summarise the previous six, representing your average scores for the above-mentioned sections. The average DAT score is 17, with those in the 25th percentile achieving 19-20 points. For a highly competitive score, aiming for 22 or higher will enable your application to stand out to the admissions office, demonstrating a breadth of valuable skills and knowledge.

Top Dental schools across the Globe:

#1 Kings College London

#2 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

#3 University of Hong Kong

#4 Harvard University

#5 University of Pennsylvania

#6 University College London (UCL)

#7 The University of North Carolina

#8 University of California

#9 University of Washington

#10 New York University


How do I prepare for the DAT?

Taking online practice tests can be beneficial for many reasons. Being able to effectively manage your time keeping whilst also adjusting to the wording of questions and the varying levels of difficulty will enable you to feel more confident on taking your DAT. Self-assessment of your general areas where you could develop your knowledge further will enable you to be self-aware in your studies, supplementing what you need to practice more and strengthening your pre-existing strengths. Reviewing DAT’s resources and content windows will enable you to narrow down your revision to a refined and purposeful selection of materials. Taking the time to practice your mathematics skills in algebra, trigonometry and fractions will better prepare you for the Quantitative Reasoning section. Also dedicating time to reading across a wide range of academic papers, will better prepare you for Reading Comprehension section. Ensuring that you are confident with your science knowledge, particularly in chemistry and biology-based content will support your work in the Survey of the Natural Sciences section. Ultimately, the more time you spend practicing, the more confident and prepared you are likely to feel when taking your DAT, a feeling which should be reflected in your score outcome. Online and in-person tutoring can enable you to receive one on one, specially tailored support, enabling you to feel supported in your endeavours and to receive individualised resources and sessions that can develop your knowledge and expand your strengths.


DAT Tutors and Tuition

Mayfair Consultants offers 1-1 and online DAT tutors to clients living across the London area. Our fully qualified DAT tutors are highly skilled specialists, with many holding postgraduate degrees. They offer clear, concise explanations and stimulating approaches, helping to support the need of every student. If you would like to arrange private lessons, or have any questions about our tuition services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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