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Holiday Revision Courses A Level IB GCSE UCAS

Holiday Revision Courses

Why should you attend a holiday revision course?

With university admissions looking for students who are passionate about their subject and show dedication to learning, it is important for high school students to find ways to distinguish themselves and prove they are committed to academic rigour. Attending a revision course or summer school is the perfect way to do this. Not only does it demonstrate enthusiasm for one’s chosen subject, but it also gives students the prospect of developing academic and professional skills. Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to try out subjects that are usually not offered at school, as well as experience a university environment for the first time. Our Holiday Revision Courses and Holiday Course tutors can help you prepare thoroughly for your exams and stay one step ahead.

University presents a huge shift from high school, and as a result, it necessitates extensive preparation, often beyond what can be provided in school. As a result, students (and their parents) frequently spend the holidays perfecting the skills that will help them excel in university and in their future jobs.

Types of holiday revision courses

  • Online summer schools

For students interested in an international experience or for those who can’t dedicate their full time over a holiday, this is definitely an interesting option. Experience a challenging and engaging educational experience, often with personalised tutoring and fascinating lectures, from the comfort of your own home!

  • Pre-University holiday courses in the UK

A course especially designed for Sixth Form pupils interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a university in the United Kingdom. While experiencing the higher education atmosphere of a UK University, you’ll improve the intellectual and linguistic abilities essential for your undergraduate studies.

  • Mini research projects

For advanced students who have an academic idea they want to explore in their holiday period, there are numerous possibilities to jump start their future careers and make a difference. Contrary to public perception, conducting significant research does not necessitate the expertise of a seasoned professional and there are multiple programs available for research beginners!

  • University taster sessions

Are you interested in a particular University and can’t wait to experience studying in it? Most universities and colleges have residential and online options for prospective students to visit the campus and live a university experience over the summer, surrounded by peers and taught by world-class professors! It is also a great addition to one’s personal statement since it shows commitment and interest in the university.

  • University courses

As you interact with other high school and college students and excel in an intellectually demanding atmosphere, you’ll receive a proper undergraduate education and often gain credits that will help you on your future degree. For highly motivated students, it is a great opportunity to show admissions officers that you can work at a university level. Plus, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with renowned professors and try out new subjects.

  • Academic Revision Courses

These courses give you the chance to revise and spend the holidays preparing for your upcoming A-Levels, IB, GCSE or IGCSE exams. It allows you to focus on a combination of subject, gives you access to experienced teachers in a friendly environment, and help you excel in your exams by offering you the chance to perfect your technique and strategy.

  • Language courses abroad

Interested in perfecting your foreign language skills or studying abroad? These courses allow you to acquire fluency fast while experiencing life in another country. It often includes staying with host families that will introduce you to their culture.

Holiday Revision Courses Tutoring

Mayfair Consultants offers at personalised holiday revision courses and holiday tutoring to clients living across the London area. Our fully-qualified tutors are highly skilled specialists, with many holding postgraduate degrees in the subject. They offer clear, concise explanations and stimulating approaches, helping to support the needs of every client. If you’d like arrange private lessons or have any questions about our tuition services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


What courses are available?


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