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Science Tutors

Science tutors & STEM Courses

A hugely stimulating and valued choice for school and university students is the study of science. Most often associated with core subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Science encompasses many more far-ranging topics that can lead to an exciting and varied array of careers. With skills in these subjects, students can pursue further study in Zoology, Geology, Ecology, Climate Change Science, Computer Programming, and Artificial Intelligence to name a few. Science has informed everything we know about life, and it is now more important than ever in a globalised and constantly developing world. Our science tutors can guide your learning and foster your curiosity for the sciences and STEM subjects.


Why study science?

From climate change science or astronomy to medicine or marine biology, science continues to shape world progress and our understanding of the universe. Qualifications in the core science subjects can prepare students for exciting careers at the cutting edge of technology. Biotechnology, Drone Engineering, Machine Learning and Nanotechnology are growing and diverse disciplines requiring a specific set of scientific-based skills.


What are the career prospects?

Studying a scientific subject develops increasingly sought-after analytical and technical skills. The ability to interpret large amounts of information is extremely transferable in the workplace, and is required for careers in Computer Programming, Finance, and Data Science to name a few. Scientific subjects also improve problem-solving and critical thinking, which are crucial skills in the workplace.


Find Science Tutors for IB, GCSE & A-Level lessons in the Science Subjects

Mayfair Consultants offer at-home, one-on-one, Science tutors to clients of all ages and abilities. Our tutors are fully-qualified, with many holding postgraduate degrees, PhDs and/or having a research background in their subject, remaining up-to-date with the latest research and scientific trends. Our tutors work across London with students preparing for GCSEs, AS-levels, A-levels and IBs in every Science discipline (e.g. Biology, Chemistry and Physics), and with undergraduates and postgraduates preparing for university exams. Mayfair Consultants Science Tutors employ a range of fast-paced, interactive approaches to build confidence and encourage learners to become specialists in their own subjects, as well as sharing insights into some of the potential avenues for budding scientists. If you’d like arrange private lessons or have any questions about our tuition services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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