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chemistry tutors

Chemistry Tutors

Chemistry is the science of energy, the properties and structure of matter, and chemical reactions. Commonly regarded as a ‘central’ science, it often links aspects of Physics with natural sciences, such as Biology and Geology. Famous chemists include the Ancient Greek philosopher Democritus, who propounded the first theory of atoms, to Alfred Nobel (best known for his eponymous peace prize), who succeeded in isolating dynamite. Chemistry used to be a rather risky endeavour: the pioneering radiologist Marie Curie, who won the Nobel Prize for both Chemistry and Physics, succumbed to aplastic anaemia caused by radiation exposure. Today, however, chemists work on various projects in generally much safer contexts, including the biotechnology, food and pharmaceuticals industries. Learning this subject at school level and beyond can thus open up myriad career paths and opportunities. Our Chemistry tutors can guide your chemistry career and exams.

Chemistry is about the molecules that form us and surround us; it is about matter and how that matter changes. Studying chemistry allows you to learn about the nano-skeleton of everything that constitutes our physical world, and why things behave the way they do – from the rise of bread dough to the lather of dish soap, from the alchemy of perfume manufacturing to the biochemical effects of your morning cup of coffee.

In addition to being fundamental in our daily lives, chemistry is a fundamental subject in science. Chemistry is often called the ‘central science’ because a firm knowledge of this subject is essential for the in-depth study of most other areas of science, and it overlaps with biology, medicine, physics engineering, geology and earth sciences. Because of this, gaining qualifications in chemistry – whether at school or university level – can open up many doors to different careers and diverse opportunities in science. In fact, chemistry is a core subject and a prerequisite for many university degrees such as medicine, engineering and natural sciences.

Chemistry tutors & lessons online.

Chemistry is a fascinating subject to study and it can lead to a highly rewarding career in science, however, the skills it teaches are extremely transferrable and valued in most work sectors. General skills gained include numeracy, data handling, computing, evaluating written material and verbal and written presenting skills. These skills are required in many areas of managerial and corporate work as well as business, finance and banking, and many chemists choose to pursue a career in these areas instead.

Careers for Chemists

Chemistry is progressing at an exciting pace, and as new breakthroughs emerge, so do new opportunities for graduates to work in fields such as genetics, nanotechnology, drug discovery, the environment and next-generation computer hardware.

In the UK, the chemical and allied industries include the manufacturing of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and fragrances, and together these represent a contribution of roughly £4 billion to the economy each year. Collectively these industries employ large numbers of chemists to carry out research and work within development, sales, marketing and management.

And there are plenty of opportunities elsewhere. Owing to the extremely versatile nature of the subject, demand for chemistry graduates is high and skills that chemists obtain can be applied to many different career sectors. This might mean a career in medicine, food and drink, manufacturing of metals and polymers, computing, scientific journalism, biotechnology, nanoscience, geochemistry, Green Chemists, government research, forensics and patent law, and many more.

GCSE & A-Level Chemistry Tutors

Mayfair Consultants offer at-home, one-on-one, Chemistry tuition to clients of all ages and abilities. Our tutors are fully-qualified, with many holding postgraduate degrees, PhDs and/or having a research background in their subject, remaining up-to-date with the latest research and scientific trends. Our tutors work across London with students preparing for GCSEs, AS-levels, A-levels and IBs in Chemistry, and with undergraduates and postgraduates preparing for university exams in related fields. Mayfair Consultants Science tutors employ a range of fast-paced, interactive approaches to build confidence and encourage learners to become specialists in their own subject.

If you’d like arrange private lessons or have any questions about our chemistry tutor services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.

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