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Life & Study Skills Tutors

Life Skills Programme and Study Skills Modules.

We are unique in our approach of offering study skills, and life skills options that can be either incorporated in tuition sessions or can be delivered through personalised action plans. Our study skills units follow the broad range of academic and transferable skills to include time management, note taking, essay writing, research techniques and creativity as well as effective use of information technology. Our life & study skills tutors can help build your portfolio of academic and extra curricular skills set. A selection of Key skills we aim to instil are listed below:

Life & Study Skills Tuition London

Academic skills

1. To evaluate critically, summarise and evaluate information for its subsequent application.
2. To enhance numeracy, problem solving skills and mental arithmetic.
3. To assemble, interpret and manipulate both quantitative and qualitative data appropriately.
4. To conduct accurate and comprehensive note taking and note diagrams (“Mind Maps”) in a systematic manner so as to demonstrate its purpose.
5. To continually enhance literacy skills through a variety of literature and media.
6. To understand methodological approaches and techniques and their relevant application.
7. To improve the ability to structure and present information to a variety of audiences in both written and oral modes.
8. Enhance the application and appropriate use of learning aids and techniques to process, discuss and demonstrate knowledge within the field.
9. To convey structured information in appropriate forms within different learning environments, through the awareness of its objective and its communication to a lay audience.
10. Using Information Technology (IT) for researching, managing, presenting and recording information in its numerous forms.
11. To write clearly and legibly in a style appropriate to its purpose.
12. To be aware of time, its use and restraints enhancing ones ability to motivate oneself and work towards meeting deadlines.

Key & Transferable Skills

1. To employ time management techniques and promote the ability to schedule multiple personal and study commitments within designated time periods in order to meet demands and goals.
2. To enhance linguistic skills and build a broad repertoire of languages for a more rounded ability to communicate globally.
3. To enhance cognitive awareness skills.
4. To develop IT and computing skills such as word processors, imaging software, databases, programming languages and web design programmes.
5. The ability to converse effectively with individuals, to appreciate their viewpoint along with the ability to give and receive constructive feedback.
6. To work as an equal contributor within wider partnerships, envisaging an ability to contribute towards achieving goals.
7. To define and apply strategies for the solution of conceptual or practical
problems ultimately aiming for self-reliance.
8. Ability to develop theoretical concepts and to think in an original reasoned and focused manner that is likely to come to fruition.
9. Ability to take effective steps towards career progression through setting realistic and achievable goals.
10. To demonstrate the awareness of transferable skills within the wider context and their application to academic and work environments.
11. To employ memory building techniques and various “Mind Gym” exercises such as employing mental workouts and stimulation, whilst building ones imprinting skills.

Life Skills Options and Opportunities London

Life Skills Tuition London

Pupils have the opportunity to undertake various life skills modules in addition to the academic elements that include sports, skills based activities and voluntary service. We also provide The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award training and can tailor residential mentoring programmes during vacation periods, with unique winter, easter and summer courses. Currently we offer the following Life Skills options:


Elocution, Handwriting, Calligraphy, Touch Typing, Public Speaking, Speed Reading, Memory Building, Etiquette, Flower Arranging, Cooking Masterclasses, Environmental Action, Horticulture, Glass Blowing, DIY, Linguistics, Confidence Building, Chess, Sign Language, Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, Pottery, First Aid, Fishing, Computer Programming and Photography and Filming.

Skills Based

Archery, Badminton, Canoeing, Cycling, Diving, Driving, Falconry, Fencing, Flying, Football, Gliding, Golf, Horsemanship and Horse riding, Martial Arts, Orienteering, Polo, Rock Climbing, Rowing, Olympic Sports, Track and Field, Sailing, Swimming, and Tennis.

Voluntary service

Duke of Edinburg Award, The Scouts Association, St Johns Ambulance, Local Community Scheme, Youth organisations, Emergency and rescue services affiliated with the armed forces and cadet forces, Environmental and animal welfare organisations.

Residential mentoring programmes

If you’d like to discuss Life & Study Skills programmes and study skills tutor consultancy  in England as well as an extra curricular schools advisory services please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.

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