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Internships & Work Experience

Why should I get work experience?

Work experience – from volunteering, to shadowing, to working a summer job – is always a positive thing to add to your CV. When you complete any kind of work experience, you are essentially crafting general skills that will always serve you well – for example, communication and organisation – as well as, potentially, developing skills specific to that job (e.g. learning how to use a till). Work experience can provide you with connections, confidence, and a better understanding of your interests and abilities. Having work experience under your belt when applying for other jobs can really boost your image as a proactive and knowledgeable individual. Our Internships & Work Experience tutors can help you find the right placement, direct your career goals and internship applications.


What is an internship?

An internship is a form of work experience. It is generally a fixed period of work (ranging from a few weeks to 12 months) organised by and set in a specific organisation. Usually undertaken by students or graduates, internships can be paid or volunteer work and often take place over the summer or winter holidays. They are an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience in a specific domain, make connections, and acquire a vast array of new skills that make you look really good on your CV.


Doing an internship can give you an edge in the jobs market for a few reasons. Firstly, doing any kind of work experience gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and better understand what kind of career you might enjoy. Since internships are short-term, they can be an ideal option for someone looking to get quick but deep learning experiences in a particular industry. In an internship you may be offered the chance to try out a variety of roles, shadow colleagues, and get access to the inner workings of the organisation where it takes place. If you impress during your internship, you may be offered a full-time job with that company at the end of it. To do well it is important to be professional, positive, and willing to learn. You may even discover through your internship that this particular industry is not what you expected, or that there are certain jobs you like more than others; this is extremely beneficial as it can inform your future careers-based decisions.


There is no centralised system for applying to internships. Instead, you might gauge what possibilities are out there through connections you might have in certain companies or industries. You may also find information on internships through company websites or websites designated specifically to internships (e.g. internwise; the link is provided below).


Internship & Work Experience Tutors

Internships can be competitive to get into, so it is essential to have a strong CV. You may also have to write a cover letter and sit interviews or tests, so receiving some guidance or training in these areas can be incredibly useful. To this end, Mayfair Consultants offers Internships and Work Experience planning for your university or work applications. . We want you to feel supported every step of the way, from choosing which internships to apply to, to being confident in an interview. We also provide tutors and careers advisors, whom are specialists for work experience and internship applications, since we want you to know your options and how they might fit into your plans for the future.

At Mayfair Consultants we understand that applying for jobs or work experience early in your education or career can be a complicated and competitive process. To this end, we offer one-to-one private coaching and advice for those preparing for internship applications across all disciplines. We can support you throughout the process – from writing personal statements, preparing for interviews, and ability/personality testing. Many of our tutors hold undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from leading UK universities, making them best placed to advise and support you. In offering this support we hope to boost your application and maximise your chances of securing your placement or internship or work experience.  If you’d like to arrange a careers tutor or have any questions about our tuition services, please call us on 02076656606 or send us an email via our contact form.


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