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CEB SLH Tutors & Ability Tests Tuition

CEB SLH Tutors & Ability Tests

Ability Test Preparation

Mayfair Consultants offers comprehensive, expert support for ability test preparation. We provide one-to-one consultations, either in our London office or remotely, to give you the flexibility you need, wherever you may need it. Our team of exceptional consultants is just a phone call away, ready to adapt to your requirements. We assist with the ability test preparation, as well as offering interview advice, to support you in excelling in each step of your journey. Our CEB SLH Tutors can guide you through to a high score on the CEB SLH ability tests.


What are the ability tests?

Ability tests are established psychometric tests, wildly used in recruitment for assessing candidates’ suitability for the role. Their skills in mathematics and verbal reasoning are often tested. Ability tests provide additional information about the applicant’s profile, including the culture fit, numerical fluency and situational judgement ability. You will typically be asked to complete one or more tests at the beginning of the recruitment process since the ability tests are considered an efficient way to select promising candidates for an interview process.


The test provider depends on the company you apply to. As reported by the Independent, in 2019 more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies used psychometric tests. Some of the most popular test providers include SHL, Talogy (previously Cubiks), Aon, IBM Kenexa, Saville and Talent Q. Notably, SHL is one of the most commonly chosen test providers and its clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and BAE Systems.


What do the ability tests assess?

The ability tests are divided into Aptitude, Personality and Behavioral tests. There are discrepancies between how the test providers call their tests. Please check your company’s test provider to find out more.


Aptitude and Personality tests include (based on SHL official website):

Test Testing scope Make sure you…
Verbal Reasoning Tests your ability to

–        understand information,

–        evaluate arguments

Manage your time correctly


Do not make assumptions based on general knowledge

Numerical Reasoning Tests your ability to

–        understand tables of statistical and numerical data

–        make logical deduction


Practice basic mathematical operations (including ratios, averages, and percentages)
Inductive Reasoning Tests your ability to

–        identify patterns in information

–        predict outcomes

Manage your time correctly


Practice spotting patterns in figures and specific skills such as:

–        mathematical transformations

–        sequences identification

–        rotation and reflection outcomes

Deductive Reasoning Tests your ability to

–        draw logical conclusions based on information provided

–        identify weaknesses and strengths of arguments

–        complete scenarios

Manage your time correctly


Practice different forms (interactive and non-interactive) of the test


Practice questions that involve scheduling

Calculation Test Tests your ability to

–        understand and solve mathematical equations

Manage your time correctly


Know how to use mathematical operators and the order they should be applied in


Practice manipulating equations

Mechanical Comprehension Tests your ability to:

–        use, troubleshoot and perform maintenance on machinery

Manage your time correctly


Practice fault diagnosis questions


Revise physics principles and basics of mechanics, including pullers, gears etc.

General Ability Test Combines elements of numerical, inductive, and deductive reasoning See section on numerical, inductive, and deductive reasoning
Reading Comprehension Test Tests your ability to

–        extract relevant information from written sources and make judgements

Manage time correctly


Do not make assumptions based on general knowledge


On the other hand, the behavioral tests include:

Test Testing scope Make sure you
Personality Test Produces competency report Manage time correctly


Understand what ideal applicant profile for your employer


Understand how the test is graded

Situational judgement tests Tests your ability to

–        evaluate workplace situations and choose best course of action that a person could take in each of them

Manage time correctly


Understand what ideal applicant profile for your employer


Understand how your result will be presented to the employer


Ability tests are typically conducted online. They consist of multiple-choice questions and often require you to work under time pressure. Preparation for these tests is crucial to present yourself as a promising, competent candidate and progress to an interview stage.


During preparation for the ability tests, you are also likely to understand your employer’s desired candidate profile. This will be extremely helpful in understanding what skills you can practice before the interview stage.


What mark do I need in the ability tests & how can CEB SLH Tutors help?

There is no definite answer to this question. The cut-off mark will differ based on the number of applicants and the seniority of the role.

After you take the test, a computer-generated report will be available to your employer. For instance, the SHL scores are reported in a feedback report, with your abilities ranked using grades from A (above 90th percentile) to E (below 9th percentile). They are compared with a norm group as selected by your employer, based on the industry (e.g IT, consulting etc.) and the job level (e.g junior management, graduates, managerial level etc.). Similarly, the report from the Talogy assessment contains a candidate’s percentile score.


How can I prepare for the ability tests?

First, find out what tests are you expected to take and the deadline for each assessment. Make sure you allow enough time to practice and plan your revision ahead of time. You can choose to reach out to your HR to ask for resources and clarification on the test format and provider.


Remember to research in-depth information on the tests you are about to take. Some points you can consider are:

– The number of questions

– Test time limit and available time per each question

– Are the breaks allowed between sections?

– Are you allowed to use a calculator? Do you need one?

– Are you allowed to go back to questions if you have spare time?


Feel free to research the specific test as the users online often highlight difficult areas. Use this information to check if there are specific areas (e.g. in mathematics) that you would have missed otherwise. You can also check for employer-specific information such as the desired candidate profile, competitiveness of the recruitment process and the number of applicants in previous application cycles (if applicable) etc.


Practice is key for these assessments. Practice tests are typically available online. Make sure you do the practice tests specific to your test provider first but do check the differences between the same ability tests from different providers to see if you can use other test providers’ resources for practice. If there is a time limit, you are likely to find yourself under time pressure while doing the real assessment. Doing practice tests under timed conditions will help you feel more confident about your skills and increase your answer accuracy.


After completing a test, take your time to go through the test again to find and solve the questions that you could not do because of the time constraint. Then, practice any areas in your subject that you repeatedly get wrong. If you are allowed to use calculators, ensure you have suitable calculator fluency before taking the test.


Would you prefer to get professional help? At Mayfair Consultants we offer online and in-person tutoring to give you one-to-one, tailored support you need. We will support you in your practice and provide individualised resources and sessions, helping you to develop your knowledge effectively and expand your strengths.



CEB SLH Tutors & Ability Test consultations at Mayfair Consultants

Mayfair Consultants offers one-to-one CEB SLH Tutors for consultations, either in our central London office or remotely. Our team consists of exceptionally skilled specialists, with many holding postgraduate degrees, ready to support you in mastering ability assessments. We will guide you on how to apply your knowledge to the questions and tailor the approach to you, helping you reach your full potential quickly. If you would like to arrange a private consultation or have any questions about our services, please call us on tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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