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The Greek alphabet, first recorded in 750 BC, is one of the oldest in continuous use. Full of ancient gods and goddesses, epic warfare, warriors and nymphs, the history of the Greek language and culture is closely linked with that of European civilisation itself. Although not as ubiquitous as it was in the Ancient World, Modern Greek remains widely spoken. Part of the Indo-European family, it remains the first language of about 14 million people in Greece and Cyprus, where it is also the official language, and it is also a recognised minority tongue in areas of Turkey, Italy and Albania. Greek immigrant communities abroad, particularly in the USA, have also extended the language’s global reach. Our Greek tutors can help you excel in your Greek Language skills.


Greece’s economy heavily relies on the tourism and service industries across its mainland and 6,000 islands. Conducting business in Greece will involve building personal relationships, as Greek people are known for their hospitality. To speak politely in Greek to potential business partners or customers, the honorific plural should be used (i.e., second person plural).


Many terms in mathematics and philosophy are Greek words, as these fields originated in Ancient Greece. Greece is also famous for its food, which includes dishes such as moussaka and souvlaki, which are made differently across the different islands.


Some UK Universities offer courses in Ancient Greek as well as Modern Greek. The latter has only five vowels and the consonants are built around only three sounds. A potential difficulty for Greek students is the seven tenses, which are present, imperfect, future, aorist, perfect, pluperfect and future perfect, however the last two are rarely used. Helpfully for English speakers, Greek sentence structure follows the Subject – Verb – Object order just like English.


The Centre for Greek Language (CGL) provides a Greek Language Proficiency Test which has six levels ranging from Basic Knowledge to Excellent Knowledge. It provides certification from the Greek Ministry of Education. There is also a GCSE qualification in Greek administered by Edexcel.


Greek Courses and Tuition in London


Mayfair Consultants offers fully-qualified Greek tutors for private tuition across London. Our tutors are either native or fluent Greek speakers who use interactive and immersive approaches, focussing on extending clients’ vocabularies while perfecting their pronunciation and writing. We also focus on Greek culture and business etiquette. Many of our tutors use literary materials, as well as online, journalistic and other non-fiction sources, as part of their instruction tools. We work with learners of all ages and abilities, including those preparing for Greek GCSE, A-Level and IB exams, and those acquiring the language for research, travel or business purposes.


If you would like to arrange Greek lessons or have any questions about our courses or tuition services, please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 207 665 6606 or you can send us an email via our contact form.


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